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hey mom my friends are here, ill be back later


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liunare: Hello there ! Recently, I saw a video about heart transplant and you might have seen it too. And I've always wondered : How do they manage to get pass the ribs ? Do they cut/break it ? Sorry if my question is dumb, answer may be obvious but... I'm kinda lost.. (Sorry if my English's not correct... Not my primary language. Greetings from France though :) )


This is a costotome! It has two lever-action jaws: one jaw grasps the rib, while the other cuts it!


This is used to cut the cartilage between the ribs and sternum.  This is often used in lung surgery.

For open-heart surgery, a sternal saw is more often used.

The sternum (breastbone) is split using this saw in order to access the full thoracic cavity, after which the lungs and ribs are retracted, and the surgery is performed. The sternum is then re-joined.

For anyone who hasn’t seen a heart transplant (which also usually splits the sternum), it’s viewable at this link.

Obviously, not for the squeamish.


*throws apple into hospital* *doctors hiss and scurry away from it*

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my friend rachel isn’t ticklish whatsoever and when i asked her why she isn’t she told me “one day i just chose not to be ticklish anymore” and that’s why i am terrified to death of my friend rachel

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